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The music is rooted in the blues, but it's not stuck in the past. I'm tapping into the timeless quality of the early blues to produce music totally relevant to the present day. I'm trying to do something fresh and different. I'm picking the guitar, using the strong rhythms and feel of the originators, and putting hopefully memorable tunes on top. People say they're catchy. The songs are about a variety of things – I figure the area of male/female shenanigans has been pretty well-covered already, and I'm interested in all sorts of other things.

I've got songs on subjects that people don't generally write songs about. There are songs about how people live, what they think, how we're run, what's going on. There are songs about life and characters (real and imagined) in the southern states of America back in the days when the blues was around. There are songs about work, economics, World War II, booze, dreams and death. I've got protest songs, story songs, gospel songs, songs of celebration, songs with a shrug, light songs, dark songs. Some of them pick up on parallels between the world of the early blues greats and the here and now, images of the past applied to the present. And some of them are just about the here and now –

There's a lot to be said that isn't necessarily getting said. I've got the wonderful musicianship of a bunch of great players, who work out for themselves just how to make the songs sound at their best. It all evolves naturally and it always sounds fresh. I can do them on my own, and nothing's missing. And when I do them with the others, something wonderful is added.

So that's what I'm doing. It's got a foot in the past, but it's all brand new.

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