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Ali started out singing at 15 years old with homegrown rock bands in Horsham, Sussex before travelling to the far east to sing with a theatre show, playing mainly with Jazz and blues bands. On return her London music life kicked off with a stint touring with Warner Chappell signed pop band Playing at Trains, but as a keen writer, she quickly started her own original rock bands. Initially known as First Blue Day co writing with Sean Anderson, the nephew of YES frontman Jon, she then formed the rock band McQueen with Levitation producer Mike Dignam. At this time, Ali also met Russian rockers Mumiytroll, and appears as backing vocalist on the seminal albums which catapulted them to International status.

After a ten year hard gigging period, McQueen split and Ali spent some time thinking about the next step. During this time she met ,and began to guest with, bluesman Papa George, and was introduced by him to The Alan Glen, John O'leary Allstar Blues Revue.

2013 brought a new energy and passion to Ali's singing career in the form of the blues, and after her debut appearance at The Ealing Blues Festival, she was described in Blues Matters as ' A Star In the Making'.

INFLUENCES - Ali's influences have grown around a love of well written songs, passionately delivered by great front men and women. Female vocalists include - Etta James / Mavis Staples / Annie Lennox / Amy Winehouse / Margo Timmins / Grace Slick. Male vocalists - Frank Sinatra / Nat King Cole / David Coverdale / Paul Rodgers / Lou Gramm / Dave Grohl. Favourite lyricist - Bob Dylan.

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