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This top notch power trio laid waste to the Boom Boom last night with another incendiary set of Blues Rock. Ace of Bass Roger and Beat Master Miri revelled in laying down a supersonic groove and gunslinger Jones dived in to his extensive Arsenal of licks lacerating lead breaks and straying solos.

The almost smooth grooves of Touch Your Moonlight and Southern Breeze drew us in , the chemistry between the guys now telepathic after so many road miles. Bass lines, drum runs and clipped breaks the feature of these two. Thunder In The Sky is one of Jones' earliest compositions and the way he interprets it now is a real measure of just how much the man has matured. Evocative slow burn Blues structured on a velvet rich melody laid out by the boys in the back line and illuminated by Laurence's sustained solo that veers from soft and delicate to tormented. The passionate vocal added extra feel. At the other end of the Blues Scale the thumping power driven rock out of Good Morning Blues and Soul Swamp River had the trio in full flight ramping up the volume, Jones stomping over them with razor sharp riffs and searing lead breaks.

The psychedelic and funk infused cover of All Along The Watchtower delighted the packed raucous crowd...... As it now always does. A twenty minute jam that melded together funky soul slaps and plundering grooves. As for Laurence, he really gets to play with his toys on this one! Wah wah pedal floored producing the echo chamber sounds, sustain pedal similarly deployed enabling the young master to flood out notes that literally hung in the night air, add in bent and stretched strings and the result a tumult of sound. Back on the gas for the hard edged I Don't Need No Reason and the hard rock lines of Foolin' Me before the three amigos dived in to the sweeping vibe of set closer Fall From The Sky.

Three numbers that demonstrated Laurence's confidence and love of working a crowd. Audience participation demanded and delivered. Cue massive ovation and intro for another whig out encore, Every Day I Have The Blues a final opportunity for the guys to hook up and have some fun, rhythm section glued together and the gunslinger pulling off another series of scorching licks falling to his knees.    Review by Nigel Foster

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