The incredibly talented Laurence Jones joined by Roger Inniss on bass and Ian Palmer on drums. Jones is the real deal now and every time he takes to the stage he delivers an incendiary set of power driven Blues Rock. Can’t Keep Living Like This burst forth on a tirade of scorching Jones licks and dense groves from the rhythm section immediately turning the temperature up a notch. Southern Breeze brought a funky rhythmic feel as Jones dug deep for the vocal and deeper for the cutting solo. The next two cuts showcased just what a star this young man is, first showing supreme confidence on original composition the Delta Blues riven vibes of Soul Swamp River, this one got way down and dirty on the rhythms and ravaging riffs. Then what can only be described as a monstrous version of the Hendrix classic All Along the Watchtower. Laurence loves this song and watching him immerse himself in it was a real joy. Effects pedal pressed hard to the floor creating the distortion and the whammy bar wrenched up and down to generate the sustain for the riffs and simply white hot solos punctuated the melody. What Laurence has done to this killer cut has to be seen to be believed. By now crowd and artist were rocking and ready to join together for a rousing rendition of the soulful Fall From the Sky. No surprise that the end of the set was greeted with deafening cheers.     Review by Nigel Foster

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