Laurence Jones - Borderline - Rockrpix

Laurence Jones was on incendiary form and has sent home a fervent sell-out crowd with an avaricious appetite for Blues Rock fully sated. Laurence gets better with every performance and tonight he has nudged the bar higher and when he takes to the stage now he exudes confidence, such confidence tonight that he opened the set with a couple of pile drivers from his forthcoming album. Swiftly followed by the true Blues tones of Lead Belly’s Good Morning Blues, hard edged chops abounded. If that was an impressive start what followed startled in its talent and execution. Laurence’s white hot rendition of All Along the Watchtower, thundering riffs and gigantic reverbed and distorted solo. Down a notch for the lament of Whisper in the Sky, slow-burn torn down Blues in tribute to recently deceased Uncle. Then right back on the gas for the soulful grooves of Fall From the Sky and the hard rocking Moving the House. Teaming up with bass master technician Roger Inniss and Meri Miettinen on drums and you have just about the perfect Blues trio.   Review by Nigel Foster

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