©Rockrpix - Loose Moorings

Loose Moorings are a pack of crafty locals making a splash in the UK with their fearless blues rock ruckus. Things really took off when BBC radio picked up their soulful track Face The Fall last year. In this debut album you are treated to a smorgasbord of expert guitar noodlings tied to an eager bluesy heart. Rather than exhibiting a slavish devotion to the genre it’s apparent that Loose Moorings are having fun with what they have, for instance in Dunluce, where Roy Hudson’s acoustic guitar masterfully weaves around Will Pike’s writhing electric leads. The interplay between these distinct styles and influences is effortless. There is still plenty of room to blow the roof off, as album closer Trashed proves in spades. The album was recorded in No Machine Studios in Berkshire, England, by Pike and Neil Sadler, who also contributes additional guitar. These two have carefully nurtured each song, allowing them room to breathe so their strengths can shine. It makes for a refreshing and beautifully uncomplicated listening experience worth savouring.

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