Mike Brookfield - Boom Boom 2 - Rockrpix

The Mike Brookfield Band made a triumphal return to the club and fully deserved their 50 minute set that included a rightful encore. Another powerful and expressive Blues Rock trio but the band weave in funk, soul and that unique southern Irish rock sound that evidences their real roots. The guys in the engine room pumped out the groove laden foundations and Brookfield threw the shapes visually and sonically firing off a series of booming riffs and scintillating solos. Gun Crime, All My Heroes are Junkies, two memorable cuts that showcased how tight the three are but it was the haunting instrumental Peace For Joe that really stole the show. The first appearance on the night of the Hendrix sound, think Little Wing and you have the coda of this epic. Brookfield took his leave of us and immersed himself in to the soundscape his guitar histrionics created. As he moved through the scales and brought the volume down hushed respect evidenced the hold he had over the crowd.   Review by Nigel Foster

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