Red Butler are riding the crest of a wave that began earlier this year with the release of their critically acclaimed debut album Freedom Bound, through to their recent nomination to represent the UK in the 2015 European Blues Challenge. They may look youthful and fashionable in their sharp stage gear but don’t be fooled by that. As soon as they hit the stage the band proved they are deadly serious about their music, they played with a maturity that is way beyond their years and with huge amounts of natural talent.

Vocalist Jane Pearce commanded attention from the off with her effervescent personality and powerful expansive vocal that drifted through high end register to deep smoky tones. Alex Butler is an extraordinary guitarist, yes he has massive talent but what sets him apart from his peers is the incredible interpretation and feel he channels through his fingers to the frets. Mike Topp and Charlie Simpson also displayed an intuitive understanding throughout the set laying down the rhythms and grooves for Pearce and Butler to jump on. The set list showed further maturity, racing through a number of power driven Blues rockers that included Jaywalker and Hard Driving Man, full of hook laden riffs, sharp solos and booming vocal from Pearce.

Red Butler can strip it down too as evidenced by their groove laded cover of the Johnny Kidd classic Shakin’ All Over and the slow burning Blues of the beautiful Sandi Thom’s Belly of the Blues. A real standout moment that hushed the audience. Pearce’s impassioned imploring vocal lifted up by Butler’s equally passionate guitar flurries, squeezing out the notes. Red Butler sure know how to entertain as Pearce invited the crowd to join in on the booming choruses of set closers Show Me the Money and the pile driving riffing of Dangerr Zone. I would estimate 98% of the audience had not heard of Red Butler before last night but judging by the enthusiastic applause and the number of people that wanted to pat the band on the back I would say Red Butler did last night what they always do, won over another room full of fans. Watch these guys go; it is going to be some ride.  

Review by Nigel Foster

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