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Sonja began exploring and performing in the 1960’s folk clubs. At 15 she was studying drama whilst sharing billing with such luminaries as Sandy Denny and Al Stewart and Buffy Saint Marie….. She played Chrissie in the Original London Cast of Hair at the Shaftesbury Theatre in 1968 and in 1970 joined the nucleus of the band Curved Air as lead vocalist and lyricist. Curved Air was signed to Warners in late 1970’s and were renowned for their musicianship and exciting shows. Their albums were best sellers and they penned a hit song Back Street Luv. They toured internationally and went through several changes of lineup over six years . Sonja was the one constant member and after the final Curved Air concert in 1976 went on to perform in more West End Shows, TV and Fringe theatre. She formed a new band Escape and recorded her first solo album Sonja Kristina. She had three children with her partner Curved Air drummer Stewart Copeland who formed The Police. Sonja and Stewart parted after 16 years together as Stewart went to live in Los Angeles and Sonja was on the road again re-inventing folk rock with a fiery brand of music she dubbed Acid Folk. Five years of successful touring followed until Sonja took a sabbatical to study music, voice and sound healing and an MA in performing Arts, whilst teaching voice at Middlesex University. Then she resumed recording and performing ambient Jazz during which time she began working with Composer/producer Marvin Ayres who is known for his unique manipulation of sound textures and audio visual installations. Marvin suggested that they create a new music together. This collaboration is MASK. Their first album Heavy Petal was released to critical acclaim and the second ‘Technopia’ was released in 2010. She is touring with Curved Air .

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