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Sumo Cyco are a punk metal band from Toronto, Canada. Lead singer Sever (formerly solo artist: Skye Sweetnam) is an achingly pretty provocateur whose attire doesn't leave much to the imagination. The girl next door, if you live near Anne Summers. And who during the course of a hot and heavy night was in competition with the drummer to strip down to wear the least amount of clothing. Compulsive viewing that I can attest to. If you want to see who wins, go see them for yourself. Lead guitarist Matt 'MD' Drake (Dodger) is an excellent musician, much unlike many punk bands, gleaning some fantastic sounds from his white triple humbucker Epiphone SG through a Mesa Rectifier. And supporting with heavy bass tones is Ken Thor Corke on bass guitar. Full of vigour, both Sever and Dodger whirl like dervishers on stage with 360 pirouettes only just avoiding each other like battling tops of old. This is good quality rock with a hard punk edge but with some catchy rhythms too. Hints of System of a Down and Black Label Society pervade. The crowd love them, Cry Murder is a clear crowd favourite. Not to be outdone by Eva Plays Dead, Sever wades into the crowd on Dodgers shoulders to sing Mountains along with an audience warming even more to the Canadians. She then dismounts and urges the crowd to get down low on the floor with her then jump up for joy as she launches into Fighter. The set ends with her being lifted bodily by the crowd and carried back to the stage with every male hand only too eager to assist. Funny that. Great set. Great band.  Review by Mother

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