Massive credit to Troy and band mates Stuart McDonald and Alex Bridge for seizing the energy and vibe and delivering a cracking pacey 45 minute set that had the place throbbing. Redfern’s mode of attack is full on in your face slide driven riff hungry licks and he punctuated the air with a rabid series of them alongside some slash and burn solos certainly to the fore on the fury of The Other Side.

Salvation brought the pace down to slow Blues level, Bridge and McDonald combining to pulse out the groove and Troy digging deep for the emotive licks and scorching solo.

The band managed to eclipse that on a searing cut of the Son House classic John the Revelator filthy rhythms and incessant riffs vied for supremacy before Redfern ripped off the guitar put it on the floor knelt down beside it and proceeded to extract from it furious tonal sounds.

Black Cat Bone followed hot on the heels rammed full of heavily sustained notes. Some of Redfern’s slide playing throughout the set was incendiary stuff and the collective sound from the band worth the admission fee on its own!    Nigel Foster

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