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Tonight Chantel opens her set solo with two acoustic covers stating that she’ll play those before ‘Rocking Out’. The songs chosen are her acoustic take on Metallica’s 'Nothing Else Matters' and Alanis Morrissette’s ‘You Outta Know’, many of the audience singing along to both. Once the acoustic songs were finished, the electric guitar is strapped on and the rock begins.

Chantel is clearly proud of, and wanting to showcase her new songs from the highly anticipated second album entitled ‘Lose Control’ which is due in September, but mixes in fan favourites from the debut album. The new songs included 'Walk On Land', 'Southern Belle', 'Take The Power', have a heavier sound, more mature song writing and catchy riffs and melodies and the audience are clearly loving the new rockier Chantel.

Even the songs from the debut album now have a harder, rockier feel to them and fit well alongside the new songs. Included in the show were old favourites from her debut album including 'Like No Other', 'Caught Out', 'Fabulous', and 'I’m No Good For You', inspired by the vampires in TV show True Blood

However, it is McGregor’s superb 19 minute rendition of Robin Trower’s ‘Daydream’ which is the highlight of the set and leaves the audience in total awe. Her passion, tone and intensity is evident in every note. Between songs Chantel is bubbly and chatty, even during some of the songs, she is having fun and laughing with the band, but when the need arises and it’s time for the solo, she’s all business, the eyes are closed, head tilted and clearly loses herself completely in the music, letting it flow through her like only the greats can do.

The set seems to fly by and while time caught up with some of the audience who grudgingly had to leave due to pre-booked taxis and last trains, those of us remaining enjoyed the remainder of the the set, and even at the end, we had no intention of letting Chantel leave without one final song. Chantel was a fitting headliner who brought what was an incredible day to a close and we’re still pinching ourselves that we managed to get her.

Steve Borkowski

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