©Rockrpix - Chris Walker Band

It says a lot about Chris Walker that his band were the first band to be snapped up by one our BluesRockfest set sponsors. And Lemonrock were proved right as this larger than life character in his trademark hat kept the punters entertained on and off the stage.

Despite The Rainbreakers throwing down the gauntlet challenging "follow that!" CWB's set opened with this year's single 'Junior's Blues' with Chris's signature guitar solo showing that the band intended to keep the BluesRockfest momentum pumping! Another new track this year - 'Snakeman' - reinforced the fact that these guys are a not a one man band - with the driving bass and drumming of Phil Tidy and Terry Garnish respectively, complementing another CW solo. And if the "Snakeman Was Coming" then I suppose 'The Star Spangled Banana' (as Chris wrote on his set list) was inevitable on the 4th of July - as was CW's banter!

The guys then immediately launched into my favourite CWB composition - 'Floor It' - still sounding great despite the absence of Mark Silk's keyboards. And if you've seen the vid for 'Floor It' then it's no surprise that his first cover - the classic 'Crossroads' was chicaned in between 'Automobile' and 'Ferrari'! And talking of covers - what better way to finish a set than Freddie KIng's 'Goin' Down' and ZZ Top's 'Just Got Paid'. CWB stepped up to the plate and delivered - although of course Chris had to have the last word - magnanimously urging the audience to watch out next for the sublime slide skills of Troy Redfern.

Needless to say that wasn't the last we saw of Chris (see Richard Dunning's Troy Redfern review) - but if one guy embodied what BluesRockfest is all about then that was Chris Walker.


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