©Rockrpix - Little Devils

On a hot summers day in the midst of a line-up featuring guitar driven Rock and Blues sat the name ‘Little Devils’. To some who had not previously seen them they may have appeared the odd one out, but then that’s what Little Devils' are all about. Refusing to be slotted into a genre, yet dragging the Blues kicking and shouting onward they actually appeared today to revel in their difference.

Opener ‘Wounded’ has a chopped guitar riff from Big Ray that immediately grabs you and had heads snapping around to pay attention. It’s a great song to introduce the band as each has space to demonstrate what they are about. And as we move through it we can see the doubters being drawn in by the tightness of Graeme and Sara’s rhythm section and Yokas immediately impressive vocals.

To throw in a flute and a guitar solo in the first number laid out the game plan and feet were already moving. ‘Don’t Close The Door’ kept them going with it’s throbbing beat and the intro of Yokas sax and ‘No Love Lost’ just added to it. By this time it was getting hot in the room so a good time to drop the tempo briefly with ‘Deep Inside’. One of the first released tracks from their current album ‘The Storm Inside’, this builds to a crescendo from that slow burning start and let’s Ray demonstrate just how good a guitarist he is. An epic solo drove the song to it’s peak and then we were into ‘A Long Time Ago’ featuring Graeme stepping to the mic with his deep growling voice and giving space to Yoka to bring out that flute again, beautifully intertwining with Ray’s guitar.

Then it was time to really get what were tapping feet moving as the band kicked into ‘Chinese Whispers’. The powerhouse, Sara, driving the song on as the band’s sheer enthusiasm for their craft had the audience smiling and dancing with them. To then launch into the epic ‘The Ghost Of Your Kiss’ might not have worked for some bands but for Little Devils it certainly did. Yoka’s impassioned vocals and sax, Ray’s guitar and, yes, that rhythm section again had everyone there spell bound.

Then Sara’s drum intro to ‘The Waiter’ told us it really was time to dance as the band kicked it up another gear. Then of course ‘Good Times’ kept the dancing going - it’s title describing exactly the feeling it conveys. The perfect song for the setting and one that painted a smile on every face in the room. A heaving cheering audience called them back to the stage - and they then treated us to the almost cinematic epic that is ‘Orphans Of The Storm’ from their ‘Diamonds and Poison’ album. And that word ‘epic’ probably is the best description one can make of Little Devils.

They shift moods throughout their set - one minute your dancing, the next your emotions are being ripped apart and the next you’re in awe of the brilliance of the musicianship on show. Yoka, Graeme, Ray and Sara are four people who gel into one magnificent force on stage - and long may they carve their own way.

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