©Rockrpix - Hermann Posch Duo

Hermann Posch vocals, guitar. Versatility, that is what Hermann Posch’s middle name should be! Since the beginning of this century, without any hype, the singer, composer, and guitarist -befitting his personality- has left un-erasable musical traces. Hermann Posch does not subscribe to posturing, but relies on emotional depth and intuition. Christian Sandera vocals, harp. Austrian harmonica player No.1 Christian Sandera’s style is country/blues and his musical talent has enhanced the works of many other artists, especially the sound of Hermann Posch´s music. Not only is Christian a top rate harp player, influenced by Sonny Boy Williamson, Little Walter, Magic Dick and Charlie McCoy, he’s also a very soulful singer.Together, they mix country acoustic and city blues styles to great effect

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