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Links to things that matter…. well to me anyway

… an ever expanding list, should you be on it?

Music Venues & Gig Promotion

The Tuesday Night Music Club

Pete Feenstra Real Live Music

BBs Blues Club

Wrinkly Rockers Club

People who make Videos of Gigs (Coz I don't like doing it)

Phil Honley

Steve Barkowski

Blake Powell

People who write reviews (Coz I can't do it)

Mothers Ruin

Nigel Foster

Phil the Music Quill

Pete Feenstra - Get Ready to Rock

Jim Rowland - Uber Rock

Magazines (Coz I might be in it)

Blues in Britain

Blues Matters

The Blues Magazine


Blues Groups/Associations

European Blues Union

Live Music Photographers (These guys are great)

Victor Peters (Netherlands)

Aigars Lapsa (Latvia)

Jim Templeton Cross (UK)

Laurence Harvey (UK)

Radio Shows

Dave Raven

Blues on the Marsh

The Blues Club

Blues on the Radio (Richard Dunning, Croydon Radio)

Rock on the Ridge

Featured Artists

Jamie Bull

Music Web Sites

Just Listen To This - Reviews & Interviews, whatever you're listening to

Rock & Blues News - for anyone who enjoys discovering great new artists alongside bands and singers you already know and love

UberRock - Kick Ass Rock n Roll

MetalTalk - Heavy Metal & Hard Rock News

Get Ready to ROCK! - Reviews, Interviews, Blog

Rocking the Blues - Everything Blues in the UK

PlanetMosh - Keeping it Metal since 2005

Sound Guys



Daryn Gilbert

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