©Rockrpix - Rabbitfoot

Rock n’Roll Blues, with a hint of voodoo… Loud, fast and exciting. With enough energy to power-up a small village, Rabbit Foot are NOT your ‘usual duo’. They rock it loud and fast, they play upbeat songs on dark themes, dark songs on light themes, they play multiple instruments – they break all the rules. There is no ‘front man’ as they both relentlessly propel the sound forward, powered by soul and sweat, animal skin and thick strings, roaring, guttural guitars. They are two, but they sound like five. Mesmerising, hypnotic, live they ‘swirl around one another like two crazed shamen’ (Man in the Hat, UK), and have frequently been described as contenders to the niche left behind by the White Stripes (INDIEce, Italy).

As Jason Elliott, organiser of Hebden Bridge Blues Festival (winner of British Blues Award for Best Festival – 2012, 2013, nominated 2014) said: “Make no mistake peeps, you should track them down and get to one of their gigs as they are seriously about to catch fire in the minds of a much bigger public.”

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